Moto X Play 2015

Motorola’s New Moto Range Wants To Be Your Best Friend

We were invited to the launch of the new 2015 Moto X style, Moto X play and Moto G earlier in the week. Motorola have really stepped up their game with these new phones.

Unwilling to let the relationship between you and your phone be a one sided affair and not wanting you to have an Ashley Madison affair with another brand, Motorola have packed a load of features into their phones to ensure that you stay loyal.

The new range has 3 distinct handsets to cater for the needs of different people. At the entry level, there is the Moto G – the go to phone that will always be there for you. It has an IPX7 rating which means it will operate up to 1m under water for 30mins. The screen has reinforced scratch protection and the new camera has been upgraded to 13 megapixels. This phone is perfect as the everyday companion and the battery won’t die on you.Moto G 2015The Moto X Play has even more stamina with a 48 hour battery life. It boasts a 21 megapixel camera with a 5.5 inch HD display for you to show off all of those megapixels you captured. The Play is perfect for the daily commuter who needs to entertain themselves on that long train or bus ride home.Moto X Play 2015Finally, at the top is the Moto X Style. This comes with the introduction of real wood grains on the phone back. If you wanted a big screen then the 5.7 inch edge-to-edge display should take your fancy. The thing that got me excited about the Moto X Style is the TurboPower charging, you can get 10 hours of power with just a 15 minute charge.

The new Moto G will be available outright from selected retailers later in 2015 with an RRP of A$369. The Moto X’s can be purchased on a plans with a minimum cost of $1992 and $1080 respectively for the Style and Play.

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