Handcrafted, Timeless Sunglasses From Raen

As winter fades, we’re entering an awfully glary part of the year, so you’ll want your sunglasses game to be on point. For gents in need of an update, Californian based brand, RAEN offer something a little different to other labels.

Drawing inspiration from mid-century architecture, furniture, automobiles and more, RAEN’s handmade sunglasses have a strong focus on quality. Much like their inspiration, the sunnies are timeless pieces, but the brand is by no means playing it safe.

When you check out the RAEN collection, you’ll find a range that avoids overdone styles, but not to the point where you’re repping triangular frames. If you’re looking for polarised lenses you’ll have plenty to pick from, plus most of the products are shot on male and female models so you won’t be guessing what they actually look like on when buying online.

Effort wise, the LA company go the extra mile to handcraft their eyewear, with frames constructed with the highest quality zyl acetates and metals, and finished off with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision.

Now take a moment, look beyond your laptop or up from your smartphone and you’ll find the sunglasses that guys are wearing don’t really vary as much as they should. If you’d like to avoid getting stuck in the middle of it, here’s the place to start…


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