Old Chocolate Factory Now A Sleek Modern Apartment Block

Combine your childhood wishes with your manhood goals and what are you left with? A sleek, modern apartment in an old chocolate factory…


The Chokladfabriken was built in the 1920’s with a classic industrial layout, then converted into offices in the 70s. Now, it still features the high ceilings and windows in the form of impeccably styled modern apartments.

Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Stockholm, it serves as a comfortable retreat. An open layout with large rooms and a welcoming balcony give the homes a ‘I could sit here all day, relax and eat chocolate’ vibe.

Legend has it the apartments still smells like chocolate, so if you’re looking to invest in a European home, listen to your youthful self.

Get the full tour or check out more designs by Oscar Properties on their website.

Modern Apartment Modern Apartment Modern Apartment Modern Apartment Modern Apartment Apartment Oscar Properties

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