Adidas Ultra Boost Puts A Spring In Your Step

If you’re looking for that extra push to get you through your next run, Adidas Ultra Boost trainers do exactly that. The new technology features thousands of energy capsules that unleash every time your foot hits the ground.

Whether it’s a city jog on hard pavement or a beach run through wet and dry sand, you’ll feel like you’re coming off a springboard. For gents who are recovering from a successful leg day at the gym – running, or even walking, can be a killer. Ultra Boost’s light fit will take the stress off your legs and vanquish the lethargic feeling running through them.

Other features include the Adidas Primeknit finish that allows the shoe to stretch with your foot, perfect for those of us cursed with wide feet.

Science aside, you wont find a more aesthetically pleasing shoe that performs this well.

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Adidas Ultra Boost ShoesAdidas Ultra Boost Shoes2 Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

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