Tips For Selling Your Car
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5 Tips For Selling Your Car

Now that you’ve worked out which new car you can afford – it’s time to get your old one ready to sell. Whether it’s a beaten up bomb that barely runs, or that Ferrari you’ve realised you can no longer afford to repay, selling your car can be a mission. An effortless sale to the first bidder is tempting, but you may be selling your old ride short. Here are 5 tips for selling your car and making sure it goes for the right price…


1. Have It Looking & Smelling Brand New

We don’t mean waiting for a rainy day… Having your car shining so brightly it burns buyers’ eyes is going to give off a great first impression. This is for both an in-person inspection and the photos you’re popping online. A thorough vacuum and new air freshener will also go along way. Turns out those fries you dropped between the seats a few years back is not a smell shoppers are after…

Tips For Selling Your Car
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1. Know Your Car’s Value

If you’re clueless when it comes to how much your car is worth, an online car valuation tool will give you an indication of what you should be asking for. By comparing your vehicle to identical models and similar makes that have already been advertised, you’ll be able to know where you sit in the selling pool. The process is easy and includes more information than you ever thought possible. To help educate yourself, you can check out Gumtree Car Prices which is a free car valuation tool that can determine the buying/selling price of your car.

Tips For Selling Your Car
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3. Know Where To Advertise

You may have over 1000 friends on Facebook, but you’ll need more than a photo from your mobile and some fancy hashtags to reach potential buyers. For starters, you’ll want to advertise in at least two places and the more information and photos the better as you’re bound to get more serious interest.

Tips For Selling Your Car
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4. Be Ready To Negotiate

If you’re not too familiar with the art of negotiation, now’s the time to learn. Negotiating a price is inevitable in car selling, so be sure to know how to bounce back if you’re offered something too low. In saying this, advertising a price a couple hundred more than what you’re expecting is always a smart manoeuvre.

Tips For Selling Your Car
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5. Sort Out Your Documents

Whether a buyer asks to see your latest car service records or not, having them on hand will save you from potential slip-ups. Believe it or not, not everyone will take your word as gospel.

Tips For Selling Your Car
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