5 Essentials For City2Surf

All the gear and no idea is a safer option than no gear, no idea. By grabbing the following accessories for this year’s City2Surf you’ll at least look the part even if your fitness isn’t up to scratch…


Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

For a 14 kilometre run you’re going to need a pair of shoes that offer supreme comfort and support. Put down your Dunlop Volleys and consider Adidas’ Ultra Boost shoes. Crafted with a breathable mesh means your feet will remain cool, while a grippy outsole has been specifically designed for longer runs. A light make and sleek design to match will see you jogging past the competition with ease…maybe.Adidas Ultra Boost

Lululemon Compression Tights

Lululemons’s compression tights help maximise the sensation you get when training. You’ll be able to feel the muscles in your legs working overtime all while receiving the stability needed to keep them going. Designed to stretch with you, they’re also guaranteed to prevent chafing. lulu2

Jawbone UP3

With a Jawbone UP3 on your wrist, there will be no need to ask “Are we there yet?”. Track all your steps, calories burnt, heartbeats per minute and more to help aid your run. If that’s not enough, have the advantage over your competitors by knowing when to pick up the pace, and when to decline into an easy walk jog.Jawbone UP3

Nivea Protective Moisturiser

You can sip on water all day to keep your body hydrated, but who’s looking out for your skin? Nivea’s Protective Moisturiser will save you from looking like the sun has sucked the life out of you with its Aloe Vera formula and tons of infused Vitamin E. Nivea Men's Creme

Beats Wireless Powerbeats

Brace yourself for a feature list as long as the City2Surf race itself. The Beats Wireless Powerbeats are Bluetooth compatible so they wont get tangled up in your run, have a 6 hour rechargeable battery so they’ll last the whole race, are super lightweight to avoid irritation, are sweat and water resistant allowing you to drench your face and with RemoteTalk controls you can skip tracks and answer calls without having to break your stride.DSC07932

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