10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying

10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying

The iPhone 6 is one attractive piece of kit, but slapping on a flimsy bit of rubber that you bought on eBay is pretty much a crime. Here are 10 good looking, premium iPhone cases that are actually worth buying and will make your iPhone stand out from the crowd (and it’s a pretty big crowd)…


Revisit iPhone 6 Case

Featuring a thin design with solid brass bumpers, this iPhone 6 case from Revisit is a force to be reckoned with.

Buy: Need Supply10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying


Mujjo iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case

Not only providing a slim, protective case for your iPhone, the Mujjo iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Snap Case also holds 2 or 3 cards. If you can’t fathom how you can cut back to 3 cards, then take advantage of the easy access and slot in your most used cards.

$85 | Buy: Rushfaster10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying


Mod-3 Radius iPhone 6 Case

The Radius iPhone 6 Case is one of the most unique designs we’ve come across. The idea is to show off the design of the iPhone as Apple intended, but protect the device where it needs it most.

$108 | Buy: Mod-310 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying


Native Union CLIC Wooden iPhone 6 Case

Not only looking great but feeling great too – each of these CLIC cases by Native Union are unique due to their individual grains. Hand crafted and precision engineered, they add a natural touch to the iPhone.

$60 | Buy: Rushfaster10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying


Grovemade Maple iPhone Bumper

Experts in the wooden tech accessories game, Grovemade have designed a minimalist, premium iPhone case that will give the edges of your device the extra protection you’re looking for.

$80 | Buy: Grovemade10 Premium iPhone Cases Worth Buying


Adopted Saddle Leather Wrap Case

Combining full grain saddle leather with a precision built frame, this iPhone case from Adopted has a smooth finish and sturdy feel.

$54 | Buy: Adoptedsaddle iPhone leather case


Madera Convoy iPhone 6 Case

Designed to not only compliment but enhance the iPhone 6, Madera’s Convoy case features an elastic body that will give you a comfortable grip and help you stop dropping the damn thing, whilst the wooden base holds a spare SIM card and pin ejector.

$60 | Buy: Maderasolid wooden iPhone case


Bellroy iPhone 6 Case

Coming in 1 and 2/3 card versions, the Bellroy iPhone 6 Case  is made from premium full-grain vegetable tanned leather and will give you easy access to your cards that get the biggest work out, or use it as your only wallet and ditch those receipts you’ve been lugging around.

$65 | Buy: Rushfasterfull grain iPhone leather case


Cocones iPhone Card Wallet Sleeve

Another iPhone and card carrying solution, this time featuring two leather pockets, one for holding cards you take out less often, and one for your everyday cards. All wrapped up in 100% merino wool felt and premium leather.

$48 | Buy: CoconesPocket wallet iPhone case


LifeProof Nuud iPhone 6 Case

If you’ve smashed a few screens in your time, this one’s for you. Sorry to say it doesn’t come without a bit of added bulk, but you won’t care when you reap the benefits of carrying a case that’s waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof. There’s even a photo of guy surfing with it on the website – cowabunga!

$110 | Buy: Rushfasterclear iPhone back case

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