SodaStream Cocktail Lessons
SodaStream Cocktail Lessons

SodaStream Cocktail Lessons… Thank Us Later

When Jesus turned water into wine it turned a few heads, but when your SodaStream turns your shameful liquor cabinet remains into prized cocktails, it’ll start a revolution.

It’s time to whip out the remains of your 21st birthday party and get started with a few recipes we’ve found to work a treat.

Hawaiian Vodka Burst
Difficulty level: You’ll need to know how to work a blender…
Instructions: Throw some ice, mint leaves, pineapple juice and a few slices of lime into a blender (this is when you’ll need those skills). Let is sit on high while you free pour vodka into your newfound friends glasses. Transfer the blended concoction with the vodka and garnish with mint leaves and extra lime rings to make it appear as if you know what you’re doing. Top with SodaStream’s own Diet Lemon Lime soda for a refreshing taste.

Strawberry Mojito
Difficulty level: Do you know what muddling means?
Instructions: Blend some ice and put the remains into as many glasses as you see fit. Slice up some limes and strawberries and chuck them in with the ice followed by some clapped mint. Start muddling the ingredients before adding SodaStream Ocean Spray Sparkling with white rum. The ratio is open to experimentation…

Bourbon with Orange Infused Lemonade
Difficulty level: Do you own a saucepan?
Instructions: Mix water and sugar in a saucepan and let it simmer till you see it become syrupy. Once the sugar is dissolved, mix the syrup with lemon juice, orange juice, orange slices, lemon slices, mint leaves and bourbon in a pitcher. Prepare one litre of Cloudy Lemonade with your SodaStream and combine the two. Feeling fruity? Garnish with whatever fruits you see fit.

If you’ve mastered the art of SodaStream cocktail making and think you have a few recipes better than ours, then we don’t believe you – but you can go ahead and tell us your recipes for research purposes anyway…

You can check out more SodaStream cocktail recipes on their website. Now go and preach the good word.

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