Singapore Airlines Economy Class Review | It Won’t Break The Bank, Or Your Back

When shopping for a flight, it seems you have two options; go all out on something lush, or save money with an uncomfortable flight. We’re glad to announce that Singapore Airlines have filled that void.

I’d never flown Singapore Airlines, so I avoided reviews and hopped aboard with an open mind. The positive experience though started before even seeing the plane. Upon checking in, the staff offered me all the available seats, both upper and lower deck, and let me pick a spot.

When it came time to board, I was given a bow and a hot handtowel, an accommodating and comforting welcome to say the least. The good vibes continued when I found that my monitor was bigger than expected, and had a good collection of the latest releases, and HBO binge watching classics.

Breakfast was traditional, but Western enough that you’re not waiting for your tastebuds to figure out what you’ve just put in your mouth. You have two dishes to choose from, which were followed by a magnum ice cream if you’re up for it (I was).

The seat reclined further than I expected, and I was able to nod off for an hour or two…that means anyone can.

Style wise, a light tan setting on the seats and roof with an 70s style carpet gives the Singapore Airlines economy class a vintage feel.

Overall I’d recommend the airline to anyone looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank, or break your back.

To check out all outbound flights and price info, head to the Singapore Airlines website.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

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