Roger Federer’s Three Storey Mansion On Lake Zurich

Losing the final of Wimbledon wouldn’t be too upsetting knowing you get to come home to this. Possibly considering life after tennis, the Fed Express has chosen his home country for his latest bit of real estate. Overlooking Lake Zurich, the three storey, 500 square metre home has been given glass walls on each level to maximise the outstanding view. Developed by Kamata Development, the design is described as ‘prestigious, contemporary architecture with extensive glazing’.

Roger Federer

An underground car park is included to hold all his Mercedes Benzes (of which he’s sponsored by) and a luxury swimming pool is chucked in for those relaxing dips after five long sets.

Roger Federer

Sitting at about $15 million, the property has two luxury apartments within the residence, one of which will be given to his parents. With no word yet on who has shotgunned the extra apartment, we’re hopeful Federer’s people will be in contact with us shortly…

According to the list of the world’s highest paid athletes by Forbes, Federer is ranked 7th.

Check out more by Kamate Development on their website.

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