Marina Bay Sands Review

Marina Bay Sands | Singapore’s Standout Hotel

Five years ago in Singapore I stared out the window of my sweaty, crammed hostel room and gazed upon a boat stretched atop three skyscraper towers. The heat hadn’t sent me insane, I’d merely spotted Marina Bay Sands, one of the most impressive hotels and deluxe examples of architecture in all of Asia.Marina Bay Sands ReviewAs I prayed that the crappy bedroom fan wouldn’t fall onto my third level bunk, I thought to myself ‘wow, you’d have to be a real boss to stay there’. Fast forward five years and here I am in my own room at Marina Bay Sands, looking out from my city view room wondering if anyone’s looking back thinking, ‘damn, I wish I was up there’.Marina Bay Sands ReviewMarina Bay Sands is possibly the most prime example of Singapore’s refusal to build an average looking building. If you say the city structure resembles a theme park, Marina Bay Sands is the main attraction. With a design that can only be compared to a Disney film or a ridiculous trip, the fantasy continues inside. Upon checking into my room, the shades opened automatically, the air conditioning sensor kicked in, and my TV greeted me with a song.Marina Bay Sands ReviewFor a single room, I was decked out with a king size bed, a massive desk, my own lounge and a showerhead the size of a tennis racquet. In-room buffet breakfasts are available and room service is offered all day, everyday. As lush as the room is, you’d be a fool to spend too much time inside.Marina Bay Sands ReviewUndoubtedly, most of your time will be spent on the rooftop where you’ll find a bar, restaurant and an infinity pool that will have your Instagram app opening automatically. You’ll be sippin’ on hand delivered Singapore Slings and swimming in the surprisingly deserted infinity pool, trying to find the motivation to explore anywhere else.Marina Bay Sands ReviewIf you somehow manage to muster up the courage to leave, location wise, you couldn’t get better. Marina Bay Sands connects to the city casino, the largest shopping centre in the country, an impressive food court full of local cuisines and just next-door you’ll find the famous Sky Garden that resembles the set of Avatar.Marina Bay Sands ReviewThere are a range of rooms available at Marina Bay Sands, so look no further if you’ve been meaning to treat yourself. You’ll be looking north of $350 AUD a night, but it’s safe to say you may never live a more luxurious life (or few days).

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