Inside Brazil’s TB House by Aguirre Arquitetura

A gent can dream, and the TB House from Aguirre Arquitetura in Uberlandia Brazil shows what dreams are made of.

Located on a very spacious site in the middle of Brazil, the TB House proves that levels don’t equal luxury. The one storey plan consists of three suites and an office purposely built on the east side so they can be hit by the South American sunrise. You’ll also find a cinema room, living room, dining room and terrace that face the south to avoid the direct exposure of the sun.

If you can afford this house it probably means you’ll be using the garage that can fit up to five cars. The hallway is given glass walls allowing light to enter while an imaginative water design on the stairs makes it seem like they’re floating.

All photos taken by Leonardo Finotti. Check out more designs by Aguirre Arquitetura.

Aguirre Arquitetura

Aguirre Arquitetura

Aguirre Arquitetura

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