Fēnix watch

Fēnix 3 Multi–Sport Training GPS Watch by Garmin

It’s the ‘ready for anything’ watch with an abundance of features for adventurous souls… and when we say abundance, we mean it – when it comes to sport and adventure, Garmin’s Fēnix 3 has everything but the kitchen sink.


When I first unboxed the Fēnix watch, I noticed a very rugged exterior alongside a very beautiful LED screen which immediately caught my attention. With an EXO antenna inbuilt and a steel bezel around the face of the device, the Fēnix is a compact companion for outdoor and active individuals.

Fēnix watch

Initially, I was surprised with the battery life of the watch, which was rather resilient despite my frequent use of the device. The Fēnix can run for approximately 50 hours in ULTRA MAC mode, 16 hours in GPS mode and 3 months in watch mode.

Fēnix watch

It’s a versatile and practical watch with accessibility to the weather, vertical oscillation for running and stroke count for swimmers making it an all-round exercise device. I had no problems with the Fēnix in water, with sealed protection and up to 100-metre water resistance.

Fēnix watch

The Fēnix is also friendly with other devices, featuring a seamless Bluetooth utility that allowed me to connect my phone to receive weather updates, texts and emails very simply.

Whilst this is a gorgeous watch, the absence of a touchscreen may turn people off the device. However the easy to use interface and simple navigation is a formidable alternative.

Fēnix watch

Additionally, I was particularly impressed with the Fēnix’s GPS and GLONASS features with specific praise to the ‘track back’ application, which would come in super handy if you needed to trace back your movements when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere.

A great watch, with a plethora of functions to suit any big adventure.

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