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Based in Adelaide, the team at Farley Watches have bridged the gap between sophistication and affordability.


It wasn’t too long ago that founder Gavin Farley was weighing up his options of this age-old dilemma. Gents are often forced to choose between breaking the bank for quality or cheaping out for something with less class, and the conundrum has never been truer when watch shopping.

Farley’s taken the matter into his own hands (pun intended) releasing a range of watches that ooze luxury but wont scare your savings. A simple design is matched with all the finest materials including matte and diamonte faces finished with genuine leather straps. With added water resistance, a second hand and date function, there’s bonuses that even some of the most cashed up watches don’t give you.

Launched on Kickstarter, ordering one of the four available watches scores you a bonus Black Selene Farley Wallet. Now all you’ve got to do is weigh up your options…

Nyx Standard: This blacked out timepiece sees sleek style matched with white detailing.
Nyx Premium: The blacked out finish is given a Proteus Diamonte Dial.
Hemera Standard: A stainless steel finish makes it perfect for both everyday wear and those upcoming board meetings.
Hemera Premium: Adds a White Proteus Diamonte Dial.

For added luxury, all watches are packed in premium red sandal wood and black wood boxes and also include everyone’s favourite perk – free shipping.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter

Farley Watches Farley WatchesFarley Watches

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