5 Moments That Made Me Love the Apple Watch

Everyone wanted to have an opinion about the Apple Watch when it got released, so they all ran out to get one and posted what they thought of it after testing it for a few days. You know how everyone buys a new car based on a 30 minute test drive… I find that quite strange because you only work out what’s really good and bad about it after having it for a month. This is also the experience I’ve had with the Apple Watch.

What makes a product useful to me is not just the named features, but how those features apply to my use of it. So despite what everyone says about the pros and cons of the watch, the overarching question is whether or not wearing it will ultimately enhance my life.

I’ve now had the Apple Watch for over a month and it’s had plenty of time to work itself into my daily activities. What I found was that the simple aspects of the watch proved to be the most useful.

So here’s are the 5 moments that made me love the Apple Watch.

  1. Keeping track of my schedule – I can always quickly look at my watch to see what appointments are coming up next. I use the Modular watch face, so whenever I check the time I also get a quick glimpse of what’s next. As a result I’ve definitely picked up my phone a lot less and this is also handy during meetings as I can check my schedule discreetly. 5 Moments That Made Me Love the Apple Watch
  2. Rushing for the train – I often have to catch the train to meetings after I get off my helicopter. I found this great app called Next There, that tells me when the next train will arrive and which platform to land on so I don’t have to switch platforms. I’ve set it up in my glances and use it mostly on the watch because it’s actually faster and easier than finding the app on my phone when I’m rushing for the train. Apple Watch in Helicopter
  3. That time it came with me where no other device had gone before – I was waiting for a friend to come over to my place before heading out and I knew they were on their way, but I needed to have a shower. So I sent them a message to text me on arrival… normally this wouldn’t work as you can’t take a phone into the shower, but I kept my watch on to get the notification and was also able to reply. Apple Watch on Timer
  4. Setting a timer on everything – I use the countdown timer on my watch to count down everything because it keeps things brief. On the Modular watch face, I’ve set one of the complications to ‘set timer’. With a tap and turn of the digital crown, I can set and start my countdown timer within 3 seconds. I use it to keep meetings short, remind me to turn things on or off and when my parking ticket expires.5 Moments That Made Me Love the Apple Watch
  5. Gentle reminders – Some people think it’s annoying but I’ve found it to have had a really positive impact on my daily life. Working at a computer means I’m sitting down all day long and I get up to walk around or stretch. The stand up reminders are great for that and I’ve also set up little reminders for me to drink water… another basic human function I tend to neglect when I’m working hard.

Before I finish off, I’d like to give my thoughts on some of the most talked about issues that have been mentioned in other reviews.

Battery issue – What issue? sometimes I finish the day off with 70% battery left. Which means I only have to charge it every 2nd day. I only charge it if it falls below 50% when I’m about to go to bed.

Notifications – As I mentioned, I really like the gentle reminders but if you don’t you can just turn them off. No whinging required.

Slow App Loading Times – Yes, this is annoying. But with the introduction of native apps in Watch OS2, this will be resolved soon.

No GPS – Not a huge issue but I’m hoping that the next generation of the Apple Watch will include this as it will make it a truly great running companion.

No Sleep Tracking – I’m sure this will be a simple software update.

There you go, if I had to boil it all down to one point, I’d say that the Apple Watch helps me manage my time better, what a poetic coincidence. I could survive without the watch, much like how I could survive without a car – but would I want to survive without a car? No.

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