amazing homes hibernation for hibernation

5 Amazing Homes For Hibernation

Whether you’re trying to get over an ex, tired of the city life, or simply looking for a spiritual escape to reflect and find your true self, these 5 amazing homes for hibernation ought to give you some inspiration…


Four Cornered Villa – Virrat, Finland
By Avanto Architects

amazing homes for hibernation Hibernation Homes amazing homes for hibernation

Features: This open cosy home is built in the shape of a cross leaving you four different views for those reflective thinking sessions. Perfect for a dramatic change of scenery, there is no running water or electricity, but heated wooden walls will keep you comfortable while you look to stick it out.

The Neighbours: Virrat has a population of only 7,000 despite covering a mammoth countryside area. It’s well and truly vast, empty woodland.


Scavenger Studio – Washington, USA
By Olson Kundig Architects

amazing homes for hibernation amazing homes for hibernation amazing homes for hibernation

Features: Tall ceilings and windows for walls all make for a  spacey, open style layout. With a wooden exterior, plants growing indoors, and having been built entirely from recycled materials, this home is a happy hippy sanctuary.

The Neighbours: The eco-friendly cabin is purposely built in the middle of a reserve on the edge of Washington. Bushwalkers and tourists may pop in to marvel at the home, but it’s nothing a few signs cant stop.


Casa Pre De Sura – Badio, Italy
By Casati

amazing homes for hibernation amazing homes for hibernation Hibernation Homes

Features: Striped wooden walls on the outside with large boxed windows make for a very original design. A limestone finish is given to the interior walls while the master bedroom has a clear ceiling for bedtime thoughts to run wild. The house is purposely built to absorb moisture from the air and cool down the property during warmer months.

The Neighbours: Badia is home to a few locals, but they all speak Ladin, a native dialect, so you wont really be able to speak to anyone… if that’s of any concern…


Dutch Mountain – Huizen, The Netherlands

Features: To give you complete isolation and to minimalise disturbances, this house has been built into an artificial hill. In the snowy seasons it can be completely hidden to passes by. A unique design sees you in either a cave like room or a large open layout.

The Neighbours: Even though Huizen’s population is 40,000, with a hidden home, you wont have to worry about knocks on your door.


Desert House – Palm Springs, USA
By Marmol Radziner

Features: From afar the Desert House may come off as a misplaced shipping container, but from the photos you can tell that it’s anything but. With your own pool, secret gardens and never-ending outdoor living spaces, the Desert House could be mistaken for a mirage.

Neighbours: The Palm Springs Reserve in Arizona is a very vast desert with very few residents. A nearby retirement community though will come in handy if you’re ever low on supplies, but that would mean going against your pledge of complete solidarity.

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