minimal quickdraw wallet
minimal quickdraw wallet

Slim Quickdraw Wallet | Dash 4.0

Not long ago the Quickdraw Wallet from Dash was the greatest thing to ever happen to your pocket, but it just got an upgrade, now it’s even better than before.

Introducing Dash 4.0, a durable leather canvas wallet that’ll have you feeling like you’re carrying nothing at all. Whether it takes over as your daily wallet, or you use it as your weekend warrior, Dash 4.0 acts as an incredibly slim, light, easily accessible, flexible wallet.

Some real facts:

  • With 5 cards inside, the Dash 4.0 is only 11mm thick.
  • With 10 cards it’s 15mm thick.
  • While other wallets use one directional elastic canvas, Dash 4.0 uses a four directional canvas, giving it unrivalled flexibility and durability.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter

minimal quickdraw wallet

minimal quickdraw wallet

Simple thin wallet

simple thin wallet

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Introducing Softer Volumes.

A new name, a new era.

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