Bellroy Phone Case Review
Bellroy Phone Case Review

Bellroy Phone Case Review | Easy Access To The Essentials

Focusing on ease of use, comfort and durability in a slim form, the new Bellroy Phone Case is excellent for those on the go. I’ve had the chance to test out the 1 card model over the past few weeks, but there’s also a 3 card version available that can hold two or three cards.

Bellroy Phone Case Review

Before using the case I was a little bit concerned about how easy it would be to insert and retrieve the card from its slot, but the indented design manages to hold the card securely in place and then slide out easily when you need it. The motion is anything but fiddly and the case has so far been immune to minor scratches and is visually elegant.

Bellroy Phone Case Review

I found that the Bellroy Phone Case comes in super handy for tap on/off train and bus cards or tap and go purchases, plus you can even slip in some emergency cash. I was able to duck up to the shops with just my phone, a credit card in the slot and a $20 note hidden behind the phone as I wasn’t sure if the shop had a minimum on card. They didn’t, so that $20 note is still hiding between my iPhone and case because I literally forgot it was there until writing this.

Bellroy Phone Case Review

Finally, there’s also a cheeky spot for a spare sim card if you need it.

The Bellroy Phone Case comes in a range of vegetable tanned leathers and is backed by the brand’s three year warranty so it’s more than likely to outlive your iPhone whilst bearing the brunt of the hits.

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