Cool Desk Accessories For Men
Cool Desk Accessories For Men

9 Cool Desk Accessories For Men

Your desk… it’s where the important stuff gets done and you may even spend most of your day sitting there – so it makes sense to like the way it looks. This selection of cool desk accessories for men will improve the way you feel about your workspace…


Oree – Pebble One | $160 | Buy: Oree

Pebble One is a wireless charging pad for Qi compatible smartphones. It also works with latest iPhones in conjunction with their iPhone 6/6 Plus Shell or iPhone 5/5S Sleeve. There’s a marble version too, and the next model up, Pebble Two includes a high quality Bluetooth 360° speaker and microphone system for hands-free calls and music.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Industlamp –  Edison Wood Desk Lamp | $132 | Buy: Etsy

Made from raw wood to create a rich nature atmosphere, the Edison Wood Desk Lamp is a standout piece and awesome alternative to boring desk lamps.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Bluelounge – CableBox Mini | $30 | Buy: Rushfaster

Nothing kills the vibe of your minimalist desk like endless cables, cords and power adapters. CableBox Mini will sit on your desk (or under it) and hide router cords, adapters and small hubs.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Luminara – Unscented Wax Pillar | $52 | Buy: Huckberry

What looks like fire but won’t burn down your home or office? This faux-flame candle. Great for when you fall asleep at your desk.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Grovemade – Walnut Planter | $50 | Buy: Grovemade

If you don’t have a plant on your desk, get onto that asap. It’ll breathe life into your workspace. This all-natural black walnut wood planter from Grovemade is perfect for small plants and succulents.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Areaware by Fort Standard – Balancing Blocks | $62 | Buy: Need Supply

Great for starting conversations that always begin with “WTF are those things?”. Showcase your arty side and create your own sculpture with these painted wood shapes from Areaware by Fort Standard.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Machine Era Co – Solid Brass Pen | $44 | Buy: Machine Era

Time to throw out your chewed up biros. It’s likely you pay into the thousands for your phone and computer – show even just a fraction of that same love for the good ol’ pen. It’s a beautiful thing.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Bluelounge – Sanctuary4 Device Charging Station | $130 | Buy: Rushfaster

Get a super quick charge for up to four of your gadgets at once. This minimal stand is also adjustable so you can get the angle you want if you need to use your device while it’s charging.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men


Cupertino Desk | $1918 | Buy: Bo Concept

Lastly, you don’t want to have to put all your cool new gear on a lame desk. The Cupertino Desk features integrated Bluetooth speakers, storage space and easy cable management. The desk also comes in different sizes and colours, as well as a wall mounted version.

Cool Desk Accessories For Men

Feature image by Oree Artisans.

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