Best Airport Only Holidays
Best Airport Only Holidays

5 Best ‘Airport Only’ Holidays

If you were to ever lose your passport or miss a flight, you’d want to make sure it all goes down at one of these airports. Introducing the best airport only holidays…


Singapore Changi Airport

First up, you’ll want to head to The Haven Lounge where you’ll find 18 nap rooms each with their own widescreen TV. You’ll also have access to Apple Macs to check in, while showers are available to help you freshen up.

Once you’ve settled, feel free to catch a film at the airport movie theatre or play some Xbox 360 in the entertainment room. If you’re looking for something more relaxing there’s enchanted gardens to waltz through, a rooftop oasis to unwind, or a Balinese themed swimming pool.

Before heading back to bed, you can hit one of the prayer rooms, get your meds at one of seven pharmacies or have a go at the world’s tallest airport slide. Otherwise, if you’re strictly here to catch some duty free specials, Changi Airport is home to Adidas, Rolex, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and even a Victoria’s Secret for your entertainment missus.

Best Airport Only Holidays


Munich Airport

Being home to the infamous Bavarian culture, Munich Airport has quite a few bars on show. Feel free to park yourself at the Erdinger Sportsbar and watch Bayern Munich in your new jersey that you’ve just acquired from the official merchandise store on level 3.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can kick on to the Munich Airport Casino Royal in Terminal 1. Be sure to get your suit dry cleaned at the provided laundromats or just pick up a new one.

Once you’re ready to crash out you’ll find an impressive range of lounges, or if you’re feeling generous towards yourself, Munich Airport has a Hilton Hotel.

Best Airport Only Holidays


Hong Kong International Airport

Ever got off your flight and been up for a bit of golf? Well Hong Kong International Airport has its own 9-hole golf course with mammoth floodlights making it playable at night.

Post hole in one, relax at the IMAX theatre, otherwise if you’re still full of energy, there’s a cockpit flight simulator to keep you on your toes. An Aviation Discovery Centre will give you your education fix and a duty free Sunglass Hut store will provide the mandatory aviators.

Best Airport Only Holidays


Zurich Airport

If you’re looking to burn off the plane food, Zurich Airport is home to a gym. You’d be smart to forget to do legs, as they’ll get their workout in the guided airport tour that includes a 2-hour long walk. For playing ‘name the airline’, an observation deck is available with full view of the airfield. You can watch planes take off and land but you can’t stay there all day with children’s birthday parties being super popular at the airport.

Retire to the Sports Bar if need be or check out the duty free on the ground floor. Zurich Airport also has its own decked out hotel where you’ll get your own double bed, shower and TV.

Best Airport Only Holidays


Central Japan International Airport

Our final contender for the best airport only holiday is Central Japan International Airport. What better way to recover from a long flight than to retreat to a native bathhouse. Soak it all up while having a complete view of the runways and watch as the sun sets over Ise Bay.

Once you’re rejuvenated and looking to explore, head to the Chuba Bushokan Samurai Lab and learn the ancient art of the Samurai. Get your photo taken in full armour to prove you’re fully qualified then head up to the 300m high Sky Deck for unrivalled views of Tokoname City.

Central Japan International Airport is also home to some lush hotels so you’ll be comfortable no matter how long you plan on staying.

Best Airport Only Holidays


Have you been to an airport that you think deserves to be included in the 5 best airport only holidays? State your case in the comments below…

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