WeMo Home Automation
WeMo Home Automation

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Win a Wemo home automation pack by Belkin! Enter now

Belkin may have just come up with the biggest game changer in some time. The term ‘the future is now’ gets thrown around a lot, but with WeMo, you will agree that it’s finally arrived.

Put extremely simply (and not doing it any justice), from now on any product that plugs into power can be controlled via your smartphone, or set up to be controlled by time, motion and more.

WeMo Home Automation

Pick up a WeMo Switch, download the app, and watch as your house becomes completely operable from your armchair, or the other side of the world. The convenience is revolutionary while the opportunities are endless.


In addition to the WeMo Switch, the rest of the products in the WeMo range extend the possibilities even further. Your day could look something like this – schedule your heater to turn on 10 minutes before your morning alarm goes off, keep an eye on your dog when you’re at work, be notified if someone breaks in whilst you’re out, set up your PlayStation to turn on whenever you sit down on the couch and make your lights automatically dim at 8pm then turn off by 11pm.

WeMo Home Automation

This is only scratching the surface, it’s open to anything you can conjure up. Set up your schedule and rules so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

WeMo Home Automation

Operated via wifi, WeMo is fully functional whether you’re lying in bed, a couple of blocks from home, or out of the country.

The extensive range includes everything from WeMo smart light bulbs to HD Wi-Fi cameras with night vision and more.

We’re giving you the chance to win a Wemo home automation pack by Belkin! Enter now.

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