Minimal USB Hub For Macbook | The KADi Port

Just when you started bragging about your flashy new Macbook, you discovered it only had one USB port…and it’s not even the one you needed.

Apple have an adaptor available, but it doesn’t look too flash, and like most Apple products, you’ll have to break the bank to own it. The good news for you is the team at KADi Creative have designed a sleeker, cheaper and more efficient alternative and it’s on Kickstarter right now – the KADi Port.

Perfectly hugging the edge of your Macbook, the KADi Port provides the essentials; two type C USB ports, one USB 3.0 port, and a mini display port.

With a polymer frame and a modern, matte finish, the KADi Port blends in with the contours of the new Macbook. Coming in at just 6.5cm makes the device easily transportable and the absence of cables between the hub and computer is a godsend.

The KADi Port is a simple, minimal USB hub that is an essential for new Macbook users.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter

Minimal USB Hub

Minimal USB Hub

Minimal USB Hub

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