Leather Six-Pack Caddy By Fyxation

Trying to ride your bike while balancing your beer isn’t the smartest move man has ever made, the leather six-pack caddy is.

You may have been there before… steering with one hand while you clutch your beers with the other, knowing too well you’re going to have to take the brunt of the fall if you wish to save your brew.

You’ll take a graze up half your body if it means saving your six-pack, but Fyxation have saved us the hassle. The leather caddy securely straps in your six beers assuring a safe arrival of your precious cargo.

Made from full grain brown leather, the six-pack caddy has changed the BYO game forever.

Shop: Huckberry

leather six-pack caddy

Leather Six-Pack Caddy

Leather Six-Pack Caddy

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