Kindle Voyage Review
Kindle Voyage Review

Kindle Voyage Review | Straight up, it looks great

Eventually a device will be released that will kill off the classic book for good. The latest Kindle ‘Voyage’ may just have a finger on the trigger.

Straight up, it looks great. A simple, sleek black frame with a screen featuring 300 pixels per inch all complement what is the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever.

Kindle Voyage Review

It also comes with a dictionary pre-installed and the text settings allow you to adjust the font style and size to your choosing. Even the smallest font size is easy to read.


3 reasons we love the Kindle Voyage:

  1. Improving from the previous paperweight release, the Kindle Voyage contains a micro-etching glass front that defuses light to eliminate glare. This means books on the beach.
  2. An adaptive front light has been added meaning the tablet adjusts automatically to your environment, saving you from the manual labour of adjusting the brightness yourself #firstworldproblems.
  3. The introduction of PagePress sensors allows readers to turn the page by applying pressure to the edge of the Kindle Voyage.


2 things that could be improved:

  1. The price is probably going to startle you, but the reading experience and a whopping 6-week battery life do make the investment justifiable.
  2. The sensitivity of the screen is another thing that we’d like to see improved as there were a couple of times we had to try a second time.


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