levitating light
levitating light

Flyte – The Levitating Light

In 1989, Back To The Future Part II predicted we’d all be on hoverboards by 2015. Sadly, we’ve failed, but the levitating light proves we’re well on our way.

Creator Simon Morris has just brought us the next essential to pimp out your room. The levitating light by Flyte is exactly what it sounds like. A small square platform serves as a base while a powered light bulb hovers above impressing and probably confusing onlookers.

This dark magic is made possible my magnetic levitation. Simply lining up the bulb with the centre of the base gives you a levitating light that can be powered on and off with the touch of your finger. Energy efficient LEDs make the bulb safe and mean it wont need to be replaced.

With a handsome wood finish available in oak, ash and walnut, the levitating light is given a natural touch.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re done using the bulb, power remains in the base allowing you to use the surface to charge your phone.

First comes a floating lamp, then we can get our hoverboards.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter


levitating light

levitating light

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