Watch Elements Eone
Watch Elements Eone

‘Feel’ The Time | Eone Bradley Watch (15% Off)

No one told Eone it’s near impossible to design a truly original watch, because with a minimalist face void of numbers and arms, the Eone Bradley watch is just that.

With raised markers replacing numbers and a couple of magnetic balls subbing in for the arms we used to rely on, you’re now able to feel the time.

Created as a collaboration between engineers, product designers and people with vision loss, the Eone Bradley range manages to both look and work completely differently to anything you’ve ever owned or seen before. A stainless steel mesh band makes for a comfortable fit while the watch face is splash proof and available in a bunch of different colours. Be sure to check out the others in the range because there are some cracking colour combos.

We’re also stoked to announce that not only will Watch Elements hook you up with free shipping, but by entering the code HEYGENTS, you’ll be given 15% off your purchase.

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eone bradley

eone bradley

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