Leather Satchel
Leather Satchel

El Dorado Old-School Leather Satchel | Beara Beara

Handmade in Bolivia, Beara Beara are far from your average bag brand.

Having started as a travel writer, Jake Bullough was in Bolivia documenting the daily routines of the local people. This is where he befriended Julia, who made and sold leather bags with her family in the backstreets of La Paz.

Bullough went on to collaborate with Julia and her family, inspired by the combination of quality materials and craftsmanship and has now opened a store in a quiet backstreet in London.

All of Beara Beara’s bags are still handmade with native antique Andean cloths called aguayos making each product unique. It’s hard to pick favourites, but the El Dorado Old-School Leather Satchel is one product that caught our eye.

Designed to hold laptops and folders alike, the bag features a smaller pocket at the front which is perfect for your textbooks or charger, while a zip pocket on the back gives you easy access to your phone and wallet. A golden chrome finish on the buckles adds to the vintage, timeless feel.

Coming in four difference sizes, be sure to check out the El Dorado Old-School Leather Satchel and the rest of the range from Beara Beara.

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Leather Satchel

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