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Looking to stray away from the range you’ll find at any old pub? The gents at East 9th Brewing Co aim to have you trading in your mass produced lager for something new.

With research showing that Australians are steering clear of the mainstream taps, East 9th Brewing Co have hit the ground running with a pale lager, ginger beer, cider and sangria.


Doss Blockos Pale Lager

Though brewed in the traditional lager way, East 9th Brewing Co manage to set the Doss Blockos Pale Lager apart from the competition. With a malty flavour that balances well with hops, this beer is a fresh, crispy drop that goes down easy.

East 9th Brewing Co


Fog City Cider & Sangria

With cider on the rise, the Fog City blend offers a unique taste that’s more than worth a try. A semi-dry, medium bodied cider with delicate carbonation, in a juicy apple/pear mix.

Being such a huge hit overseas, the sangria train is well on its way to Australia, and the Fog City release is up there with the best. Made from the ripest of red wine grapes and blended with natural citrus fruits, the Fog City Sangria is perfect on ice served in a stemless glass.

East 9th Brewing Co


Lick Pier Ginger Beer

It doesn’t get much better than an alcoholic ginger beer on ice. The Lick Pier release maintains the dry, fresh ginger taste you’re after, all while keeping the interest of beer drinkers. Served with a slice of lime, or mixed with dark or light spirits, this drop is a refresher like no other.

East 9th Brewing Co

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