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Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care Wake Up Project

Only 11% of men can relate to the way the media depicts masculinity, and unless you have muscles on your muscles you’re probably part of the 89%. With this being said, Dove Men+Care have launched the Wake Up Project and made it their mission to find out what real strength is.Dove Men+Care

With a 10 part podcast series (check out what’s already out here) featuring well-known men from all walks of life, the true meaning of strength will be discovered.

Cameron Clyne, former CEO of National Australia Bank and Nigel Marsh best-selling author and co-founder of Earth Hour, have already hopped on board to give their opinions.

Discussing decisions like leaving a well-paid job for more family time, or dissecting the difference between successful and admirable, listeners will get life lessons from men who have experienced it all.

The Dove Men+Care Wake Up Project coincides with the release of their new wash and care products and antiperspirant with 48-hour protection.

Check out more about the Dove Men+Care Wake Up Project here.

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