minimalist razor
minimalist razor

Classic Minimalist Razor Design | Ockham Razor Co.

Unless you’re bearded and proud, you’ve probably noticed your razor resembles an over-designed Transformer. Thankfully, Ockham Razor Co has released a minimalist razor with a much more pleasing aesthetic.

Having run out of patience with grooming brands only releasing multi-coloured razors with over the top built-in gadgets, Ockham Razor Co have brought us a minimalist razor. This simple design oozes class with its elegant metal finish shaming the tacky plastic razor hiding in your bathroom cabinet.

Coming in silver, black or copper, you have the choice to personalise your razor with a running engraving on the handle.

The Ockham Razor has been made compatible with the well-regarded Gillette Mac 3 blades giving you a complete, close shave that’ll have you second-guessing that beard.

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minimalist razor

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Classic Metal Razor

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