life paint
life paint

Volvo Life Paint | Invisible Safety Spray

The masterminds at Volvo have just come out and declared that the best way to survive a crash…is not to crash. Sounds easy enough, and with their new invention, avoiding a collision may have just become easier than ever.

If you have ever second-guessed hopping on your bike at night, Volvo have now got you sorted. Life Paint is a reflective spray that can be applied to any surface before dissolving after one week. Apply it to your bike, helmet, shoes or even dog collar as they advertise, and the spray will glow brightly under the glare of streetlights and car headlights alike.

Invisible Reflective Spray

As the number of cyclist related deaths in Australia increase, the government is introducing stricter and more complicated bike laws that vary among states. Life Paint is currently only available in London, but could clear up some regulations here at home, if not, at least revolutionise the rave scene.

life paint


Glowing Safety Spray


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