Netgear Arlo Security Camera | 5 Ways I Bet You Didn’t Think To Use it

Netgear recently released the Arlo security camera system in Australia. Unlike most of its competing products, the Arlo is totally wireless, connects via wifi, is waterproof and you can use it anywhere indoors and outdoors. It’s super versatile because it’s battery operated and wire-free, which gave us some pretty good ideas on how it could be used. Here’s 5 ways we thought of:

1. Find out which bastard keeps stealing all your beers.

If you live in a shared house and your beers are disappearing faster than you remember drinking them, you will now be able to catch the thief. Stick the Arlo in the fridge and point it at the door with your beers in front of it. The moment someone takes one, the Arlo will start recording via the motion trigger and send the video footage safely into the cloud – and also alert you immediately via the app.

Arlo and Beer

Caught red handed!


2. Use it to keep track of how much house work you do compared to what your partner thinks.

If your partner is always complaining about your lack of contribution to household chores, point your Arlo at where you do the house work. Maybe one at the kitchen, the laundry and one at the lounge room. Set it up to record on motion and start cleaning, if you ever get accused of not doing enough, you’ll always have a library of evidence to support your argument.

3. If you’re trying to stay on a healthy eating diet.


Just put the camera in front of the food that you’re not suppose to eat. Everytime you pick one up, it will know. If you want accountability, share the camera access with your family or friends. The great thing is that you can choose to just share that camera and not every other one. I’m sure your friends wouldn’t want to see the visuals from some of the other cameras around the house.

4. Miss the beautiful view from your apartment window? Just put one of the cams there to see it anytime.

If you’re travelling overseas or just want to remember what the sweet view from your home window looks like, just move the camera there!


5. Use it to monitor when your spa bath is ready for jumping in.

I’m sure this isn’t really a common use-case for the camera… I just wanted to show off the ginormous bath tub I have.


Pros about the Arlo:

  • The camera has a wide angle, 130 degree field of view.
  • It records in HD video.
  • You can control it via Web, iOS or Android app.
  • You can live stream it from anywhere in the world.
  • It stores up to 7 days worth of videos in the cloud for free (you can pay to upgrade the storage).
  • You can set a schedule so that it doesn’t always record, especially when you are at home.

Things that could be improved:

  • You can’t pan the camera.
  • There’s currently no IFTTT trigger available as yet, this would be useful for turning the motion sensor on and off automatically when you arrive and leave home. I’m sure it will be available in the near future.
  • Although the mobile app is not too bad, it could be improved for better performance.

All in all, a very cool versatile camera that you can use for home security or any other cheeky captures. Check out the Netgear Arlo.

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