Smart Over-Ear Headphones
Smart Over-Ear Headphones

Aivvy Q | Smart Headphones That Know What You Like

Aivvy Q is a self-learning music device that intelligently selects and caches music from millions of songs. Coming in the form of over-ear headphones, your music starts instantly when you put them on then you just tap, swipe and rotate to control your music playback.

Through these actions, Aivvy Q learns what type of music you like. The more you use Aivvy Q, the better it understands what music you’re into. You can also use Aivvy’s companion mobile app to see what’s currently playing and set up music channels.

Aivvy Q syncs with the Aivvy cloud and uses recommendation engines to find more music you’ll like from a library of millions of songs and automatically updates the onboard music library for you.

Aivvy Q is a premium product made from premium materials such as leather and aluminium, and the music is CD quality or higher. Check out the video below to help get your head around how smart these headphones are.

Pre-Order: Kickstarter


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