Hiplok DC
Hiplok DC

Wearable Bike Lock | Hiplok DC

Hiplok are known for their range of wearable bike locks along with the quality and security of their designs. They’re a small team of riders who love creating innovative, unique products that address and solve problems.

We recently checked out one of their locks for ourselves – the Hiplok DC, courtesy of the guys at Pushys. It combines their classic D-lock with a cable lock. The cable can be used to secure removable parts of your bike such as wheels and your saddle.

True to the brand’s philosophy, one of the best things about the lock is it’s super easy to carry. It features a slim but sturdy clip on the back of the D-lock that can be clipped onto your belt, pants or messenger bag strap. When worn, the lock feels secure and although it is fairly heavy in the hand, when it’s placed on your belt it doesn’t feel like it’s weighing you down too much. After riding for a while it’s easy to forget that it’s even there. The lock also features a reflective strip which is a nice little touch.

Hiplok DC is made from solid steel and features an impact resistant nylon body that won’t scratch your bike. It comes in all black or neon green & black and due to its versatility and innovative design it’s definitely worth checking out.

Shop Hiplok at Pushys.

Hiplok DC

Hiplok DC

Wearable Bike Lock

Solid steel bike lock

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