Pedal Messenger
Pedal Messenger

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Pedal Messenger is an excellent option if you’re after a low maintenance, affordable bike for around town. Coming with a flip/flop rear hub, Messenger can be riden as a single-speed with coasting, or as a true fixed gear – meaning if the bike is in motion, so are your legs.

Providing a classically comfortable ride, the handlebars have a slight rise which makes Messenger easy to handle. This urban bike takes some cues from BMX specs in order to improve its durability. The solid resin BMX style pedals won’t break if, or let’s face it, when you drop the bike.

If you’re looking to do about as much maintenence on your bike as you did for your tricycle when you were a kid then this is the ride for you. An in-built chain tensioner makes the challenge of removing/fitting the rear wheel really simple – so you don’t have to contemplate buying a new bike the first time you get a flat.

Forget Tour de France level branding and obscene colour combos, Messenger comes in three classic colourways and is what you’re after for any uni/pub/park trips, or drivers licence suspensions.

Shop: 99 Bikes | $280

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Pedal Messenger

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Pedal Messenger

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