Minimalist Money Clip Wallets
Minimalist Money Clip Wallets

Minimalist Money Clip Wallets

Like to keep your cash handy but also have somewhere for your cards? Enter, money clip wallets – or in the case of many of the following, money ‘band’ wallets.

These minimalist money clip wallets are slim designs that will keep the essentials together and provide easy access to a few notes on the exterior of the wallet… perfect.


Machine Era Co. – Machined Slim Wallet | $32 | Buy: Huckberry

Simple, functional and comfortable to handle. The Machined Slim Wallet by Machine Era Co. can hold 2-6 cards and you can slip a few notes in there too. It’s super slim, made from high grade aluminium and features a gunmetal coating with corrosion resistance.

minimalist money clip wallets


Madera – Poquito Wallet | $55 | Buy: RushfasterMadera

This elegant, wood shell wallet carries your cards and cash within its slim, minimalist form. It is a great alternative to leather, elastic or metal wallets and carries up to six cards plus coins or a key.

madera wallet


Capsule – Brownstone | $84 | Buy: Huckberry

The CashStrap™ design of the Capsule Brownstone enables the simple storage and removal of cash. The front slot holds one or two frequently used cards, whilst the top sleeve pocket comfortably stores an additional two to four cards. The wallet is handmade with premium full-grain Nappa cowhide leather.

minimalist money clip wallets


Silo – Mesh Card | $90 | Buy: Rushfaster

Mesh Card is built to last, crafted from titanium with scratch resistant TiCN coating. It features a removable silicone band that holds your cards and currency. It also functions as a Smartphone stand, bottle opener and shield for your credit card details to protect you from RFID theft.

minimalist money clip wallets


Obstructures – A2 Aluminium | $42 | Buy: Huckberry

The triangular design of Obstructures A2 Aluminium Wallet allows for easy access to cash and frequently used cards. The slim design is large enough to carry a few folded notes and credit cards and the unbroken aluminium surfaces provide an amount of RFID blocking for potentially increased security.

minimalist money clip wallets


Human Republic – Slim | $64 | Buy: Ideacious

The outer two slots of Human Republic’s Slim can fit two cards each, while the inner slot will secure your cash. It’s technically a money clip but is actually closer to the size and look of a slim wallet.

minimalist money clip wallets


Thompson Class – Leather Wallet | $46 | Buy: Etsy

The Thompson Class wallet combines premium leather with a hand polished, stainless steel money clip. Handmade in Los Angeles, these wallets feature a refreshing burst of colour on the inside.

minimalist money clip wallets


Dosh Wallets – Blade | $45 | Buy: Rushfaster

The Dosh Blade is moulded from Desmopan, a highly durable, water-resistance polymer material with a luxurious, soft feel. The stainless steel money clip stores your bills and there’s 2 card slots on the exterior for easy access.

minimalist money clip wallets

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