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The Grid | Keeping Fit In Just 30 Mins

Trying to keep a work life balance with a job to hold down, partner to pamper and mates to hang out with? Doing all that is hard enough and then somehow you have to pull some time out to keep active. Most people say that they don’t have time for the gym because they think that they have to spend at least an hour there. Well, there is a new workout regime designed to keep you fit by only having to exercise for 30 minutes. Basically you get in, work your arse off and then you’re done – leaving 500 calories in the dust.

It’s called The Grid and it’s been designed by Virgin Active to help you achieve your fitness goals with a focused workout instead of fluffing about at the gym. There are 4 types of Grid workouts, namely Grid Active, Grid Fit, Grid Strong and Grid Lean.

Grid Fit

Each of the four Grid programs has specific fitness goals in mind. Grid Lean, as the name suggests, strips fat, burns calories and increases cardiovascular output. Grid Strong focuses on a variety of equipment to help tone and strengthen muscles. Grid Active mostly uses body weight for resistance to perfect form and increase range of movement. Grid Fit measures performance and improves results, with the help of some competitive exercises against fellow participants.

Grid Fit
It’s a hard workout but it can’t be that bad if you can beam a smile like that during it, right?!?

So the one that I do regularly is Grid Lean. It starts with a dynamic warm-up, which prepares your body for the movements to come, then you get into a gruelling 20-minute training profile, followed by the tough minute which is designed to condition and push you to your limits. Finally, the workout wraps up with release techniques to promote recovery and muscle regeneration. The exercises in Grid Lean will get you to push, squat, pull, lunge, bend and twist, using mostly your body weight and sometimes some free weight equipment such as kettle-bells, battle ropes and dumb-bells.

Most of the circuits are simple to perform with a little practice so it’s suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. You’ll be working out with a group of other people who will also be suffering as much as you, which keeps it fun and motivating. I highly recommend it for people who think that they don’t have time for the gym… because at 30 minutes a workout, you do.

What To Wear

It’s a pretty tough workout with lots of big repetitive movements, I would recommend wearing stretchy shorts and quick dry tank. Yep, you will be sweating like a dog by the end of it, so wearing something that absorbs perspiration and then dries quickly will keep everyone safe from slipping on your sweat.

Grid Fit
Lululemon Inverted Tank

Grid Fit
Lululemon Surge Short 7Inch Linerless

More workout stuff at Lululemon’s online store.

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