Giraffe Tie Club
Giraffe Tie Club

Giraffe Tie Club | Handcrafted In Lake Como, Italy

Giraffe Tie Club create fantastic ties of exceptional quality at a price that anyone can afford…

Not only a brand but ‘a home for the everyday gentleman’, Giraffe Tie Club have built a strong relationship with their customers, who are proud to purchase their products and incorporate them into their wardrobes.

“GTC was conceived on a typically late night in the office”, explains co-founder, Jacob. “After undoing my tie and reluctantly accepting that my workday was going into the AM, the stitching on my tie had worn out and inconveniently fallen apart. I’ve always been a tie enthusiast, I always managed to pick-up the right ties, the problem was, they were the wrong prices, I would look at the price tag and put them back down. It was at this point I sat back with a long night ahead of me and thought, surely I could start a business (that doesn’t requires a 1am finish!) that not only sells quality that is second to none, but is sold at an affordable price for the everyday gentleman.”

Jacob went on to spend the better part of 2 months trying to figure out a brand, a logo, something that would stick. Countless failed names later, Jacob decided that the Giraffe’s iconic neck was a perfect fit for a company that sold neck ties. Jacob and co-founder Andrew then started working on creating a brand that represented a lifestyle and acted as a club in which people would be proud to be a part of and wear with confidence.

If you’re looking to get a little more out of your ties for a little less, be sure to check out Giraffe Tie Club’s quality collection made in Lake Como, Italy.

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Giraffe Tie Club

Giraffe Tie Club

Handcrafted Tie Club

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