Cool Optical Brands
Cool Optical Brands

Cool Australian Optical Brands To Check Out

If your eyes need a little assistance from time to time, there are a bunch of cool Australian optical brands (that also do killer sunnies) that are definitely worth checking out for all your myopic or hyperopic needs…


Oscar Wylee

By cutting out the middle man, Oscar Wylee offer high-quality, affordable eyeglasses that have a distinctly vintage feel. What’s also cool and quite impressive considering the price point is with every pair of glasses you buy from them, they’ll send a pair to someone less fortunate. Oscar Wylee also offer a free home trial where you can try 5 pairs for 5 days so you can get a good feel for which styles you like best.

Cool Australian Optical Brands


Bailey Nelson

Founded in 2012 in Bondi Beach, Bailey Nelson already have 13 boutiques across Australia. Their focus is on delivering sun and optical frames at a reasonable price with great service. They offer optometry services at many of their boutiques and to ensure you receive your glasses as quickly as possible, they fit all their lenses locally in Sydney.

Cool Australian Optical Brands


AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear name each of their frames after the person who inspired it, so flicking through their collection triggers a whole lot of ‘oh yeah’ moments. This Australian eyewear label has grown into a cult brand that’s respected around the globe for their unique, high quality designs. AM Eyewear’s optical range features a varied selection of standout shapes and styles that work well for everyday wear.

Cool Australian Optical Brands



Colab team up with artists to design eyewear. After seeing great success through this unique approach, with their sunglasses stocked in over 15 countries, Colab have produced an art based limited edition optical frame collection. Each model is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and every frame is individually numbered. You’re not only getting an artist designed pair of glasses, you also get a microfiber sleeve, suede finish case, wrist band and poster all designed by the artist.

Cool Australian Optical Brands


Sneaking Duck

Sneaking Duck don’t like the idea of having one expensive pair of glasses to be worn until they break. They prefer to have a pair to match every mood and outfit. Sneaking Duck’s range includes prescription glasses as well as sunnies in almost every on-trend shape and style you can think of. They also have an offer where you can order up to 5 pairs to try at home for free, plus free delivery worldwide.

Cool Australian Optical Brands


Feature image by Oliver Peoples – not Australian, but very cool.

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