Bose Soundtouch
Bose Soundtouch

Bose SoundTouch Portable | Music When & Where You Want It

Long gone are the days when the party is outside but the music is inside just because that’s where the speakers and power point are. Portable speakers are becoming increasingly popular and the best part about it is the quality is getting better and better.

The Bose SoundTouch Portable is a versatile little unit that allows you to take your music anywhere and enjoy crisp, full sound. It works with your home wifi system and allows you to stream music via iTunes, Spotify etc from your mobile device or computer and also has a free app in which you can personalise preset buttons on the speaker that will recall your favourite internet radio stations.

Bose Soundtouch

A simple yet handy feature of the unit is that it has an auxiliary input. If you’re out of wifi range then you can easily plug in your phone to get the tunes going. Set up is really painless too, doesn’t take you any longer than 5 minutes. On the back of the unit there’s a set up plug that you use to connect to your computer to get everything sorted.

The screen on the SoundTouch Portable will display the name of the song and artist you’re currently streaming. If your party spans a few rooms or you’re moving around a lot, you also have the option of using multiple SoundTouch’s throughout your house so everyone can enjoy the music in sync.

Bose Soundtouch

Things we love about the Bose SoundTouch Portable:

  1. Excellent, full sound that will let you enjoy your music and not feel like you’re listening from a little box.
  2. The presets give you easy access to your favourite stations to get the tunes on quickly.
  3. You’re able to expand your sound with additional units throughout the house.

Things we think could be improved:

  1. It can get a little dusty over time and the darker colour makes it a little more obvious than it could be.
  2. On occasion, you can lose a bit of the bass if you’re standing to the side of the speaker.

Bose Soundtouch

Overall, this is an excellent little speaker that’s simple to operate, so you can enjoy what you’re doing and not stuff around trying to get some music going. Vibes ahoy.

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