Batlow Cider

Batlow Cider | Fresh Fruit, Nothing Added

You probably recognise the name ‘Batlow’ from that tiny apple sticker that you peel off before tucking in. Batlow cider is now the result of a joint collaboration between the Batlow fruit co-op and Sydney based brothers Rich and Sam Coombes, who have now built a fully operational brand and base themselves in Bondi.

About four years ago, the two Sydney brothers went on a mission to turn ‘Australia’s favourite apple’ into ‘Australia’s favourite cider’. They now have a really nice range of ciders including OPA (oaked pear and apple) and their brand new Cloudy Apple.

Batlow Ciders use the best quality local grown produce, and support local Aussie growers rather then importing the stuff from overseas. They only uses fresh fruit and do not add any water, concentrates, sugar or other flavourings.

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Batlow Cider

Batlow Cider

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