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Grooming needs to be taken seriously. A steamed up bathroom with the mirror slightly fogged and the heat lamp warming up your back is essentially a man’s form of meditation. Your three-day-growth says its final goodbyes and you calmly test out your latest razor, aftershave, pomade and more.

All this can come undone without the right tools but at the same time it can be made so much better with the right ones. The Century Man is a new Australian store that gives grooming the attention it deserves, and by stocking only the finest products from around the globe, they’re seeing to it that we do to. Shaving accessories on a luxury wooden backgroundThe store’s unique offering is to box up a selection of their products and have them delivered to your door every month at a fraction of the cost compared to when purchased separately. All that’s left for you to do is choose either Box 1 – two lifestyle products (such as Happy Socks from Sweden or Century Man’s own knitted ties), 1 travel sized grooming product and 1 free sample, or Box 2 where the travel sized product is substituted to full size. If you’re feeling a little pickier, custom options will become available to subscribers down the line. Cost wise:

Box 1 starts at $49 for month (over $70 in value)
3 months at $138 (over $200 in value)
12 months at $529 (over $900 in value)

Box 2 starts at $69 for a month (over $90 in value)
3 months $194 (over $260 in value)
12 months $659 (over $1000 in value)

In terms of products, The Century Man is determined to source the best the world has to offer. Brickell, a North American company, is one brand certainly worth checking out. Their Restoring Eye Balm is a winner, while a range of soaps, face washes, shampoos, aftershaves and more make up their complete collection. To get specific, the Mint Soap Scrub Bar is deserving of more than a glance, with tea tree oil, coconut oil and shea butter all infused, the natural wash leaves a natural eucalyptus scent.

Also coming out of the US, Fellow Barber has seen their Strong Pomade rush off shelves. Alternatively, the Styling Cream will produce more of a care-free, loose style. Unlike cheaper versions, these products won’t leave your hair and forehead greasy. Their shampoo has been designed to compliment the styling products, and your hair will avoid the dry and straw-like feel it can get with other brands.fellowNot just limited to skincare and hair styling products, your essential tools can also be found at The Century Man. Double edge razors, combs, shaving brushes and more make up an impressive list of bathroom cabinet essentials.Th Century ManLooking to separate themselves from the pack, The Century Man also stock knitted ties. Able to match a casual, or formal occasion, the range is extensive with a number of colours and styles to choose from. For a modern, dapper look, polka dot and striped finishes are given to these handmade pieces.tiesIf you’ve read this and realise you need quite the overhaul on the grooming front, head to The Century Man to make the process easier for yourself.

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