Avoid Losing Your Stuff
Avoid Losing Your Stuff

Smart Ways To Avoid Losing Stuff

We all know about Find My iPhone and other smart phone locating apps, but what about all our other expensive gear?

Thankfully, there are some people out there coming up with smart ways to avoid losing stuff ever again. So whether you’re prone to theft or just really forgetful, here are some products that are definitely worth checking out…


Mijlo – Where’s Wallet | $63

Misplacing your wallet is a huge hassle, often both time consuming and costly. The team at Mijlo decided every wallet should be impossible to lose. The result is a line of well designed wallets that blend understated style with practical, user-friendly technology.

Pre-Order Where’s Wallet on Kickstarter now. 

avoid losing stuff



Tile | $32

If you want to stop losing stuff, Tile is definitely one of your best options. Tile connects to an app on your phone, and when you attach Tile to an item (like your keys), the app automatically records the last place your phone saw your Tile.

Tile has put a temporary hold on international orders (including Australia). Subscribe to Tile for updates. If you can’t wait, check out Trackr

avoid losing stuff


Helios | $383

In addition to providing an integrated lighting and indicator system for your bike, Helios allows you to track your bike via SMS and receive the coordinates and a Google Maps link to its location within 30 seconds of tracking.

Buy Helios now from Ride Helios

avoid losing your stuff


Tzukuri | $128

These are some seriously smart sunglasses. Your iPhone will alert you if you leave your Tzukuris behind, and the app shows you exactly where you left them. The app also recognises if you’ve remembered your sunnies but left your iPhone behind, and will ring extra loudly to alert you.

Pre-orders are currently closed but subscribe to Tzukuri for updates.

avoid losing your stuff

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