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Australia’s New Year’s Resolutions Uncovered By Yellow Pages

It’s that time of year – the time when you tell yourself how you’re going to become the new, improved you. New Year’s resolutions have been around since ancient times, however these days our promises of self-improvement have become notorious for their low success rate – not to break your spirit or anything!

Yellow Pages have crunched the numbers to give us a little insight into all the inspiring resolutions you’ve made for yourselves, as well as a few of the hazards that could be getting in the way of you achieving your goal this year.

Kicking things off (with no surprise) is an increase of 47% in health and fitness related searches in January. Whether you’re looking for the number of your local gym to lock yourself in to their year long platinum membership or you’ve come to the conclusion that an attractive personal trainer will be your key to success in both the fitness and love departments this year – there’s no denying that in January, you’re on the right track.

Now that you’ve finished giving yourself a pat on the back, we can’t help but recognise that take away food searches are also up by 33% in January… If you’re guilty of contributing to the increase in both fitness and take away searches then you may need to reassess things, ASAP – unless of course you’re searching for take away quinoa salad and goji berries, you overachiever.

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It seems people do quite well in the receiving of money at Christmas. New car searches are up by 27% on the annual average. Interestingly, driving schools are also up by the exact same percentage. Even more interestingly, panel beaters see a 21% increase in January and 47% for motor engineers/repairers. Those new cars may be taking a bit of a beating it seems – maybe a few more driving lessons wouldn’t go astray.

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I’m not sure whether you saw that adorably ugly Pug at your cousins place on Christmas Day and had to have one, or you think that your new Siberian Husky is bound to help you meet your new girlfriend at the park – but the numbers are in and pets are all the rage in January. Pet shops, dog and cat grooming and veterinary surgeons all see a rise well above the annual average at the start of the year.

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Bicycle related searches are up by 39% at the start of the year, along with motor cycles up by 23% – just try to avoid ending up in a medical centre, which see 18% more search activity in January.

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Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, it’s evident that you you gave it a red hot go in January. Now all you’ve got to do is keep it up for a whole year… easy peasy. Head to YellowPages.com.au and get moving with your resolution.

Data brought to you by Yellow Pages.

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