Bondi Laces
Bondi Laces

Bondi Laces | Revolutionising The Shoelace Game

Socially conscious, Sydney-based label Bondi Laces are revolutionising the shoelace game.

On top of offering a huge selection of premium laces, Bondi Laces donate funds from every pair sold to provide 1 month’s education for children in need.

In a similar vein as headline-grabbing companies such as TOMs and Warby Parker, Bondi Laces is a socially conscious brand that does not compromise on aesthetics. The business’ founding vision is to provide 1 million months of education by 2020. Through partnering with US charity organisation Pencils of Promise, Bondi Laces help children in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, with the funds going towards building schools, paying for tuition and the basic tools needed to complete an education.

All reinforced with copper tips in silver, gold or rose gold, Bondi Laces guarantee their laces will last for 10 years.

“You can either buy a pair of cotton wax laces for $5 to $10 and hope they last a few years, or you can buy Bondi Laces and feel good knowing you are helping someone in need whilst wearing shoelaces that will outlast your shoes,” co-founder Vinson Leow explains.

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