Bike Commuter Essentials | Ride To Work

Bike Commuter Essentials | Riding To Work

If you’re well prepared, choosing to ride to work will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. At first the idea might seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but don’t sweat it – our list of bike commuter essentials has you covered. From what to wear and carry, to how to protect yourself and your bike – sorting yourself out with with the following gear will make your ride to work a breeze…


What To Wear

If you’re riding to work you can opt for something a little more forgiving when it comes to your daily sweat than the classic cotton shirt. Parker Dusseau combine tailored fits and diverse materials designed to take you from the bike to the boardroom. Their shirts are quick dry and breathable with reflective trims on the collar and cuffs.

Bike Commuter Essentials | Ride To Work

As for pants, the Levi’s Commuter range takes their 511 slim fit jeans and pants and adds a host of additional features designed specifically with urban cyclists in mind. They provide greater mobility, convenience and protection through an odour-resistant finish, reflective tape on interior cuffs, U-lock storage and more.

Bike Commuter Essentials | Ride To Work



If you’re riding to work then you need to make sure you’re protected – and this involves more than just a helmet. There’s a million and one horror stories out there involving cyclists and it’s not just yourself who could get hurt. We know someone who was sued for doing a sharp turn that resulted in another rider getting injured.

Take out some legal liability cover that will financially protect you from any accident or damage claims made against you. With some companies like Youi, your contents policy covers you for up to $20 mil legal liability if you and your bike are involved in an accident and cause damage to other peoples’ property. Also, when you ride to work you can actually save yourself a bit of money when it comes to your car insurance too.

bike commuter essentials

As for helmets, if you’re trying to avoid looking like you’re training for the Tour de France, opt for a skate style helmet such as the Bell Segment which is pretty much the Levi’s 501 of helmets. For something with a bit more air flow, you could look at the Giro Savant which comes in a few different colourways including an understated matte black.

Bike Commuter Essentials


What To Carry

Backpack or messenger, it’s your call – and there’s plenty of brands out there that will do the job. One brand of particular note would be Chrome, who design gear for living and riding in the city. Their Urban Ex Rolltop is a lightweight backpack made for commuting. Its features include a waterproof rolltop closure and outer loops that can carry your bike lock.

Bike Commuter Essentials | Ride To Work

Speaking of bike locks, a U-lock (also known as a D-lock) is probably the way to go. Cable locks can be easily cut and chain locks are notoriously heavy. The Hiplock DC combines the strength of a U-lock with the versatility of a cable that can secure removable parts such as your wheels and saddle. The lock can be mounted on your belt, waistband or pocket opening and also features a reflective strip.

Bike Commuter Essentials | Ride To Work

If you have any tips of your own for riding to work, let us know in the comments below.

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