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Act Like A Monkey And Get Fit | ZUU

It’s not always easy trying to get fit, the gym can definitely get a bit tedious if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you do, it can get a bit repetitive and you can get stuck with dysfunctional muscles if you’re just working out the same muscles over and over. There is a way to break up that monotony though and that’s by going to gyms that offer more than just barbells, dumbbells and treadmills.


I’ve been going to a Virgin Active gym for the past 3 weeks and apart from doing the good old bench press and bicep curls – I’ve been booking into some of their instructor run classes. There are a tonne to choose from but there was one that stood out to me called ZUU. ZUU is not a Virgin Active thing, it’s a training regime designed by Nathan Helberg to help people get fit and improve their overall mobility.


I had no expectations booking into this class and it turned out to be a pretty damn hard workout. ZUU is a training methodology that is actually used by the elite forces and armed forces. It uses animal movements as its basis for the activities – primal pattern movements such as Frog Squats, Bear Crawls, Slithering Iguana Plank and Kick Sits – I think you get the idea.


The overall benefit of ZUU is improved strength, flexibility, mobility, which leads to injury prevention and also great cardio vascular improvement. The thing about these classes is that everyone else doing it looks as uncool as you do, so you can forget about that.

It’s not for everyone but if you want to improve your mobility and your cardio then I’d give it a go.

Given the types of moves that you have to do in this workout, I’d recommend wearing really comfortable shorts. Something that is roomy and has a bit of stretch. I used to wear Nike running shorts to train in and they are mostly ok but I found that they are less technical in design and have a cheaper feel about them.

At the moment, I’m using the Surge Shorts from Lululemon and they are super comfortable compared to my Nike shorts. Lots of stretch where needed and although they’re light weight they still feel like good quality. I was sweating heaps in the ZUU workout but found that the shorts absorbed the sweat and then dried out pretty quickly. There’s a convenient elastic loop in the back for hanging your shirt, if you need to take it off.


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