Men's Hair Styling Products
Men's Hair Styling Products

7 Men’s Hair Styling Products You Should Try

Unless you’re repping a nude nut, something for your hair is an essential in every man’s dopp kit. There are heaps of masculine products out there designed to help you get the style you’re after, and ultimately make you look better. Here are some of our top picks when it comes to men’s hair styling products…


King Brown – Original Pomade | $20 | Buy: King Brown Pomade

Influenced by a time when men dressed with style regardless of their daily pursuits, King Brown Original Pomade is a traditional petrolatum and beeswax inspired formula. It features added mineral and carrot oils for hair and scalp conditioning and gives a medium hold and sheen with a mild fresh tobacco and vanilla scent.

King Brown - Original Pomade


Billy Jealousy – Clutch Play Texturising Gunk | $21 | Buy: Urban Outfitters

For a maximum hold, high-shine finish, try Billy Jealousy’s Clutch Play Texturising Gunk. It features a refreshing honeysuckle, lemon and tea scent and works great for sculpting, thickening and volumising hair.

Billy Jealousy - Clutch Play Texturising Gunk


Truefitt & Hill – Styling Paste | $44 | Buy: Ry

If you’re looking for a touchable hold and texture with a natural sheen, try Truefitt & Hill’s Styling Paste. It allows you to manipulate and rework your hair into any style, and if you need some extra hold and definition, just use a little bit more. 

Truefitt & Hill - Styling Paste


Baxter Of California – Clay Pomade | $35 | Buy: The Iconic

The Baxter of California Clay Hair Pomade is made from a blend of natural, organic clay and wax. It gives the hair a lasting hold with a matte texture for a classic style.

Baxter Of California - Clay Pomade


Uppercut Deluxe – Monster Hold | $24 | Buy: General Pants

Monster Hold wax by Uppercut Deluxe lives up to its name and and does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an extra powerful, sweat resistant wax that’s great for when a little more hold and grip is required.

Uppercut Deluxe - Monster Hold


Evo – Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin | $27 | Buy: Adore Beauty

Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin is a gel that features extremely strong holding power that can be reactivated with water. It gives you some serious control over your hair, great for adding both wave and structure.

Evo - Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin


Izola – Brass Comb | $35 | Buy: Urban Outfitters

This comb is boss. Bold and durable, the Brass Comb from Izola is  built to last. It even comes rocking its own canvas sheath.

Izola - Brass Comb

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