uv camera nivea
uv camera nivea

UV Camera Films Bondi Beach Goers

It’s the Australia Day weekend – you beauty! As many of us will be out enjoying the sunshine, we’re taking a second to remind everybody of one of the best ways to avoid one of the least attractive things in the world… a blistering singlet tan.

In Australia we have some of the highest levels of UV and Aussie men actually experience higher rates of melanoma of the skin than women. Artist Thomas Leveritt has teamed up with NIVEA Sun to raise awareness of the importance of sun protection by creating an eye-opening short film shot at Bondi Beach.

The film uses an ultraviolet (UV) camera to demonstrate the effectiveness of sunscreen.  The experiences of beachgoers were captured with the video aimed at showing Australians just how much sunscreen protects you from the sun.

Check it out below…

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