Smart Bike Accessories
Smart Bike Accessories

How To Make Your Bike More Intelligent | 5 Smart Bike Accessories

If you get around on two wheels it’s likely you’ll be aware of many of the pitfalls of riding a bike. Although a great way to get around, you can come up against demons such as cars trying to run you over or someone stealing your ride, again. Luckily for us there are people out there who are coming up with exciting new ways to combat these problems. Check out these 5 smart bike accessories (most of which are about to hit the market) designed to make your ride a little easier…


BitLock | $147 | Pre-Order: BitLock

BitLock is a smart locking system in which you can walk up to your bike and press the button on BitLock to lock/unlock. BitLock senses your proximity via your smartphone and identifies you as you come within 3 feet of your bike. It also features an activity monitor, GPS locate and allows easy bike sharing. 

Smart Bike Accessories


SmrtGrips | $73 | Pre-Order: Indiegogo

SmrtGrips provide eyes-free navigation for your ride. Wirelessly connecting to your favourite navigation app, the grips will vibrate to signal when to turn left or right as well as alert you to road hazards that may lie ahead. SmrtGrips also feature a bike finder and tracker feature. 

Smart Bike Accessories


Siva Cycle – Atom | $159 | Pre-Order: Siva Cycle

The Atom is a lightweight, rechargeable battery pack designed to power your mobile devices via USB. As you ride, the Atom harnesses the kinetic energy you generate for now and for later.

Smart Bike Accessories


Icedot – Crash Sensor | $179 | Buy: Icedot

The IceDot Crash Sensor mounts to any helmet to detect impact and notify your emergency contacts. The Crash Sensor connects to your smartphone and when it detects a crash it triggers your phone to sound an alarm, alert your emergency contacts and send them the GPS coordinates of your location. 

Smart Bike Accessories


Cobi | TBA | Pre-Order: Cobi

Cobi is a complete system designed to declutter your handlebars. It combines a host of features into one package including an auto brake light, turn signal, theft alarm, fitness tracking, music control, navigation and real time data such as speed, time, distance and more.

Smart Bike Accessories

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